Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good Morning and Evening...

I like food, then again who doesn't? But I love finding out new places to go and eat at, especially if the food is good. Of course it's even better if the food is inexpensive and the portions are good, but one more thing that's just as important is good service and here you get it all. So now, without further ado, let me tell you about this place that I really like to visit as often was I can...

The place is called Morning and Evening restaurant..

 When you walk inside you'll find a clean and cozy little place with about 9 tables, and a really friendly staff. The place doesn't have much when it comes for decorations, but then again it's not an art gallery so it doesn't really matter to me. There is a T.V. which they are willing to tune to a channel of your liking as long as someone isn't already watching it...


Their menu is very varied, they have American, British, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Philipino and Thai dishes. They have most of the Philipino dishes up on the wall, and the rest of what they offer is in the menu...

 Here is a sample of what they have available...


Steak Soft Tacos

Chicken Enchiladas

Waffles with Bananas

Their portions are pretty darn good with just about every dish I've ever had there having been very fullfilling, and the prices are just about right with nothing on the menu being priced over 3.500 KD. Although the Sushi dishes are not priced, so that could totally make my last statement invalid... hahaha.

They are open from 6m to 11pm, and it's located in Fahaheel, Block 8, Street 37, Building 17. A really easy way to find it would be to head over to the Early Bird, and as you stand in front of the Early Bird facing it turn around so it's now behind you. That building you are now facing is the one you are looking for, go around to the other side and there is Morning and Evening restaurant. It's partially blocked by some treess, so make sure you don't pass it by or your miss out on some good stuff!!

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  1. Thanks so much Edgar for sharing your amazing experience :).
    I would be very interested in visiting such a place.

    I do thank you again, as i have got to Kuwait recently and it is my first time here in country, so it is such a good thing of you to guide people like myself :) through your experience.
    All the best,
    Suzy Adel

  2. by the way, i don't have a blog, but i was asked to register in order to comment of your awesome info :).

    I thank god, for Expat for connecting people in an amazing way, all the best :)

    1. Suzy, thank you for commenting I really appreciate the time you took to register and comment. Please look back on the other posts I've made, you'll find some good stuff. Come on back once a week or so and I promise to keep adding interesting and useful articles. People like you that comment make me want to keep doing this!!

  3. Cozy place... :)
    Been there last week and tried their Filipino food called Sizzling Pusit (Calamari), Shrimp Teriyaki and the famous Thai soup, the Tom Yum.. delicioso! :P