Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Beta)

Adobe has released Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta to the public for free, for use in both Windows and Mac OS!!

This is pretty exciting news since I've just bought a Canon EOS 60D, which is a pretty darn good DSLR camera and I've really gotten into taking pictures of everything (OK mostly my kids but who can really blame me). So because most of my pictures are coming out pretty great there isn't a whole lot that needs to be done with them, but I do have one or two that I REALLLLLYYYY like but I have to get rid of because the lighting is too bright or too low, it's really blurry or maybe the angle is just off by a bit. So I bought Adobe Lightroom 4 when it was released about 2 weeks ago because the price dropped from a normal $299.00 to $149.00 which is really really good and because it will do most of what I want and need.

But honestly what I really want is Adobe Photoshop, but with its high price it's kind of out of reach for us commoners. I believe the current basic version is going for $699.00 which is not something I can justify for my basic needs, maybe if I took some graphic designing courses and got better at Photography then it might be ok but for now I am sticking to Lightroom 4.

Now I am going to have my chance to play with it without going "rogue", so if you are also interested in checking it out and seeing what it can do go here to download it. You have to sign up for an ADOBE ID and you also have to be online to activate the software once it is installed but that's all you have to do in order to start using one of the most awesome piece of software EVER!

For those of us that are thinking about buying it or not, click here to maybe push you over the edge and finally break down and buy it. It's something that I sincerily hope is in the next version, and it's called "Image Deblurring". I won't say anything else, just watch it!!!


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