Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kuwait Electronic Guide

I’ve been in Kuwait for quite some time now, and although it’s easy for me to get around now it hasn’t always been the case. Initially I bothered some of my friends or co-workers to find my way around, but then I used GPS devices or various apps for my phones. But like I said before, now it’s easy for me to get around but every once in a while I do need some help finding an obscure neighborhood so I’m going to share with you a site that helps me out once in a while… 

Ok so site is apparently operated and maintained by the government of Kuwait, and here is the LINK. When you go to the actual site you’ll notice it’s in Arabic...
In Arabic

For those of us that don’t read Arabic look to the top of the page towards the right and you’ll see the word ENGLISH. Just click on the word and the page will change to well... English, now I’ve got to say that they did a great job on that and I’ve really got to commend them for that...
In English

Now the actual name of the site is Kuwait Electronic Guide and as you can see when you go there, it’s easy to navigate and it works similarly to Google Maps. At first it shows Kuwait like you’d see it from above in a small window and by default the Zoom in (+) is selected so that when you double-click or click and draw a rectangle/square it will zoom in on that area. You can change that by looking at the toolbar directly above the map that looks like this…
Top toolbar

By clicking on the squares on the left side of the toolbar, you’ll increase the size of the map on the window and as you can see there are 4 sizes. By default the zoom in (+) is in yellow which means it’s highlighted, click on the – to select zoom out. If you click on the icon that looks like a circle with lines, which I’m guessing is a globe with latitude and longitude lines going around it, it will zoom out all the way out to what it was when the page first loaded. Clicking on the icon to the left of that will allow you to drag the map around for when you are zoomed in and want to look around, if you find an interesting thing on the map click on the next icon to the left and then click on that object this will bring up another small window on the left hand side of the map which tells you some stuff about the thing you clicked on.

The toolbar on the left hand side is pretty self-explanatory so I won’t go into detail, play around with it and familiarize yourself with it.

In case the window is too small for you, there is also a 4 square toolbar almost on top of the toolbar on the left hand side that looks like this...
By clicking on either square you will change the size of the window in which the map is in, find the size you like but remember that it won't remember that setting when you come back next time. Here is an example of how the Ministries Zone looks like with some information on a Jail that's also apparently nearby...
Ministries Zone

Jail info

I’ve used it a few times to find my way around Kuwait when my Garmin GPS can’t get me there, and I hope it will help you out as well. Thanks for stopping by, make sure you comment below and let me know what you think and see you next time!!


  1. Hi, You really are very good in what technology is about, thanks for sharing, it's really a very important think for me, that i was looking for, coz some times didnt go to a places just to not get lots specially at night. thanks again for sharing.. Alma

    1. I'm glad you like it Alma.. thank you for coming by!

  2. wow! never knew there is such site, thanks for the info...i need to be guided from time to another in some strange street names in Kuwait :)

    1. It's amazing what you can find, if you just know where to look. Glad you like it, and come back around in a few days. I promise you'll like it!!