Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kuwait Electronic Guide

I’ve been in Kuwait for quite some time now, and although it’s easy for me to get around now it hasn’t always been the case. Initially I bothered some of my friends or co-workers to find my way around, but then I used GPS devices or various apps for my phones. But like I said before, now it’s easy for me to get around but every once in a while I do need some help finding an obscure neighborhood so I’m going to share with you a site that helps me out once in a while… 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Customer service

So you’ve booked a plane ticket and the service was horrible, maybe you booked a hotel only to find out it wasn’t what it looked like on their website. Perhaps you are looking to buy something but would like numerous people’s opinion of it rather than some critic, or you are looking to see if that gift you got two months ago is being recalled. Maybe you are just plain old trying to get ahold of an actual customer service rep on the phone, instead of a computerized voice leading you on without getting an answer. Whatever it is that ails you, I am going to try and help you out by sharing some tips with you, so let’s get started…

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kuwait Independence Festival 2012

So Kuwait Independence Day is coming up on pretty fast, the usual activities will take place and fun will be had by all as always. But you can get a head start now by checking out Kuwait International Fair's Independence Festival being held in Mishref International Fairgrounds, the same one where InfoConnect is held on.

They will have...

  • Handicrafts and craftwork
  • Souvenirs
  • Gift articles
  • Toys and games
  • Office materials and stationery
  • Pictures and frames
  • Interiors, living and design
  • Perfumery
  • Cosmetics
  • Jewelry
  • Household goods

  • Location: Mishref International Fairgrounds Halls 4&5
    Dates: 09 Feb-03 March 2012
    Admission: Free
    Time: I haven't been able to get the time but I'll update it immediately after I get it.

    Diabetes and Glycemic Index

    Ok, let start this post by saying that I am NOT a Doctor, dietician nor have I had medical training in this particular area. But what I can say is that as someone with Type 2 diabetes I live this every day, and after having ignored this issue for a few years I’ve finally come to grips with the fact that I am a Diabetic and that I’ve got to take better care of myself. So with that out of the way, let’s get started…

    Monday, February 6, 2012

    2012 PAWS Dog Show

    Registration is now open for entry into the 2012 ‘PAWS for the Cause’ Kuwait Dog Show being held in the British Embassy, but entry is strictly by pre-registration of pets AND people. If you decide to register and go, you CANNOT have Mobile Phones or Cameras when going to the show since they are not allowed into the British Embassy. Remember it’s a family event so everyone is welcome as long as you follow their rules. For more information visit their site at…

    Azteca Authentic Mexican Food Restaurant

    Last week I was invited to a private event by the owners of Azteca Authentic Mexican Food Restaurant, they were inviting some close friends to their restaurant to sample some of the items on their menu and to give them an honest opinion about those items. They did this over a period of two days, Friday February 3rd and Saturday February 4th, 2012 with half of the group invited on one day and the other half the following day. American, Australian, French, Italian, Kuwaiti, Mexican, Scottish, Spanish, Syrian and Venezuelan nationals all got a chance to have a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine.

    So let me tell you about Azteca, the owner is a Mexican lady who also participates in various exhibitions throughout Kuwait selling traditional Mexican Huipil dresses. The Chef is also Mexican with a degree in gastronomy with 12 years of experience having worked in several cities throughout Mexico such as Cancun, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puebla and recently in Oaxaca where he worked at Fuego y Sazon restaurant located in the historic Jalatlaco area.

    Saturday, February 4, 2012

    Flash Mob in Kuwait

    Did anyone see this? A Flash Mob in the Avenues Mall in Kuwait!! How awesome is that? I wish I had been there...

    Friday, February 3, 2012

    Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

    Hey guys, today I'm going to cover Windows® keyboard shortcuts. I've gone ahead and made a video for the purpose of showing you everything I know about keyboard shortcuts, so check it out below and make sure you watch it in Full Screen. You can also click on the YouTube icon on the bottom right of the video window to watch it in YouTube...

    Big Boys Toys 2012

    So this has been announced all over lately and if it wasn’t for some work issues I’d probably be going there myself. They’ve got a lot of neat stuff to show off, that’s for sure. Maybe next year I’ll check it out, for now I’ll have to settle for reading about it. So anyways here is the information, if anyone is going… take some pictures, PLEASE!!

    Location: Atlantis Hotel, The Palm, Dubai
    Dates: February 9th thru February 12th, 2012 (The 9th is by invitation only)
    Time: 1pm - 10pm
    Price: 100 Dirhams

    Here is their website