Sunday, January 29, 2012

Operation H.O.P.E. Yard Sale!

Operation H.O.P.E. which stands for Helping Others Practically and Every day is holding a Multi-Family Yard Sale. Now Operation H.O.P.E. began as a Mission of Mercy in 2005 to provide relief to expat laborers in Kuwait. Earlier this month they had an event called Esther’s Attic with all proceeds going towards Operation H.O.P.E.
The Multi-Family Yard Sale will be held next month, February, and they are inviting everyone to come and walk around and participate. For those of you interested in going here is the information…

Location: Rumaithiya, Block 9, Street 92, House 23
Date: February 4th, 2012
Time: 8:00am – 2:00pm

For more information contact them on their e-mail:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kuwait Info Connect 2012

So here we are coming up on my favorite Expo in Kuwait, the 31st International Information Technology, Office Systems and Communications Exhibition otherwise known as Info Connect 2012. I have to say that I really don't know how often they have exhibitions in the Mishref Fairgrounds, mostly because a lot of them don't interest me that much but also because I don't see them advertised as much. But this one is different in that you can't read a Blog in Kuwait without reading about Info Connect every year.
Now I think that mostly has to do with the fact that most people with Blogs are tech savvy, and Info Connect is all about technology or things somehow connected to technology. This is the time where most people renew their Internet, Telephone or Satellite TV subscriptions, and that's because normally the companies offering those services are offering above average discounts. Rumor has it however that because of last year's Internet protests here in Kuwait and the already low prices of Internet packages, they will not be lower than what they currently are but certainly lower than what they were last year during last year's Info Connect and the subsequent months.
So for those of you that want to attend here is the information:

 Location: Mishref International Fairgrounds, Hall 6
Official opening: Sunday 29th of January, 2012 at 10:00am for VIP’s.
Normal opening: 30 January - 04 February 2012
Operating hours: 9:00am - 1pm and 4:30pm-9pm
Admission price: Free and open to the public, excluding the 29th of January

Friday, January 27, 2012

My Windows 8 review

The first thing I want to point about Windows 8 is that it’s not your typical OS, it has been designed to work on everything from a Tablet up to a big screen TV in your living room in a HTPC otherwise known as a Home Theater PC. It's got the Windows Phone 7 Metro-style touch interface of live tiles, and it is a touch based interface but we can still use a keyboard and mouse for those of us planning on using it on our PC’s. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My 2nd day..

So today is my second day, and second post on this blog, and I'm still working out all the kinks in this thing. Trying out new things and seeing which ones really fit my sense of style which, I'll be honest, isn't that good. But anyways for those few that might be reading this now in the beginning please bear with me as I work it all out, hopefully for the better.

Not a classy picture I know, but I am not a graphic designer.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome to by Blog...

So this being my first blog, and my first post on the blog I wanted to start out by saying a little about myself. I'm an American happily living in Kuwait with my wife and kids, and while many people may not like Kuwait I can honestly say that it is definitely not for everyone but we are very happy here. We've now been here for almost 5 years in which time we've met a lot of good people, and made some great friends along the way.

So anyways I'll be posting about things happening around the region, events in Kuwait, my review on movies I see here in the theater, restaurants (Like that doesn't happen already huh? hehehe). I'll also be giving tips and reviews for PC users, reviews on mobile Apps on both Android and iOS aka Apple's mobile operating system. I'll really be covering a wide range of subjects really, but one thing you will not see here is me taking sides on religious or political matters in Kuwait. I could go into detail, but in reality when it comes to religious or political topics in Kuwait things can get more heated than normal. That's not to say that I will not talk about these things, I just won't take sides. That being said, I hope to see you guys in here. Come by often since I'll really try to update this at least 2 times a week, maybe more as the ideas start flowing... Oh and just because you won't see me talking about my wife and kids, it doesn't mean that they are not a part of my life. They very much are part of my private life, just not my online public life.